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Jochem Willemsen

Jochem Willemsen, coordinator of the research group, is associate professor of clinical psychology at UCLouvain and psychoanalytic psychotherapist in private practice. In 2019, he joined UCLouvain to teach adult clinical psychology and criminal psychology. He is one of the founding members of the Single Case Archive, a large online archive of published psychotherapy case studies. Prior to his appointment at UCLouvain, he was lecturer at the University of Essex where he developed a portfolio of teaching and research in the field of psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, and clinical psychology. During this period, he was involved in the establishment of the new Department of Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies (2017). For several years, he took up the role of director of research in this department. Before that, he gained a PhD in psychology from the Department of Psychoanalysis and Clinical Consulting at Ghent University. The topic of his dissertation was the relation between psychopathic personality traits and symptoms of affective disorders in detainees. During his postdoc research, he conducted research on the treatment of sex offenders.


Emmanuelle Zech

Emmanuelle Zech, member of the research group, is full professor of clinical psychology and psychotherapy, and dean of the faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at UCLouvain. In 2004, she was appointed on a position on the psychology of adversity. She has chaired the Research Center for the Study of Health and Psychological Development (2008-2014). She has developed a line of courses and training in person-centered and experiential counseling and therapy (PCEP) at the undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate levels. She coordinates the Person-centered research and training lab (PCLab), has supported the creation of a helping skills e-learning platform and IPSY/PSP relational competences laboratory. Her current research interests deal with the psychology of bereavement and grief, the psychotherapeutic processes involved in the therapeutic relationship, especially how therapists can deal with difficult therapy or personal experiences, the effects of psychiatric and (psycho)pathological diagnosis, the efficacy of different training methods on helping skills learning outcomes, and the determinants and consequences of informal caregiving.

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Hubert de Condé

Hubert de Condé is a clinical psychologist-psychotherapist, a teaching assistant, and a PhD student at the Psychological Sciences Research Institute (IPSY) at UCLouvain. He holds a Master of psychological science in clinical psychology and a Certificate in integrated psychotherapy, and he is currently training as a centered-person psychotherapist. He is also consulting as an independent therapist in Brussels and Louvain-la-Neuve. His doctoral project, supervised by J. Willemsen and E. Zech, focuses on the integration of the personal and professional aspects of therapists and how these develop over time while practicing this complex profession.

Niccolò Fiorentino Polipo.jpg

Niccolò Fiorentino Polipo

Niccolò Fiorentino Polipo is a clinical psychologist and a PhD student at the Psychological Sciences Research Institute of the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium. He holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from the University Vita-Salute San Raffaele, a second-cycle degree program in clinical psychology from the University of Bologna, and a master of science in forensic psychology from the University of Kent. He completed his clinical training at the Cyprus Institute for Psychotherapy. He is currently training as a Jungian analyst with the Belgian School for Jungian Psychoanalysis. As an independent scholar, he is interested in the intersection between psychoanalysis and normative ethics. His current doctoral project, supervised by Prof Willemsen, focuses on the topic of conceptual and reflective skills in psychoanalytic therapy. What does it mean to “think psychoanalytically”? Is it a therapeutic skill? Can it be learnt/taught?


Sam Flores

Sam Flores is a clinical psychologist who graduated at UCLouvain in 2021. He has been working for two years for a specialized centre for the support of victims of intimate partner violence and gender-based violence. At the same time, he is completing an Advanced Master's degree in gender studies. He is trained in working with situations of intimate partner violence and in providing psychological interventions for victims of sexual violence. He regularly collaborates with other organizations in the field of victim support and gender-based violence. Since September 2022, he is teaching assistant at the Faculty of Psychology of UCLouvain, and his doctoral project focuses on the study of current therapeutic discourse on gender violence and its impact on the subjectivity of victims of sexual violence.


Liselotte Cullman

Liselotte Cullman is a clinical psychologist and a teaching assistant at UCLouvain. After graduating with a Master’s degree in adult clinical psychology and specializing in empirically based interventions (UCLouvain), she worked as a clinician in different settings: a psychiatric hospital, a company that provides on-site and telephonic consultations as a response to critical incidents, and a private practice in Brussels where she still holds consultations. She joined the research group in 2021 and is interested in understanding what makes a therapeutic encounter “work”, focusing on therapists’ characteristics. Her research project explores how the therapist’s multicultural orientation influences the therapeutic relationship when client and therapist share or not similar cultural backgrounds.


Marie Hustinx

Marie Hustinx is a student in the master in adult clinical psychology at UCLouvain. She joins the research group in 2022 in the context of her research placement. Together with Jochem Willemsen and Niccolò Polipo, she will work on an empirical study regarding the effects of psychoanalytic psychotherapy training. She will also be involved in a comparative study about psychoanalytic therapy of chronic depression with a focus on the role of the therapist in effective psychotherapy. Marie plans to become a clinical psychologist based on the psychoanalytic approach drawing on different therapeutic orientations. She is also interested in research. Before studying psychology, Marie practiced as an attorney and as an enterprise lawyer. Life experiences directed her towards psychology, her first passion.

Former members of the research group

Katarina Kompan Erzar, PhD, is Associate Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy at the Faculty of Theology, University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), therapist, and licensed supervisor. She was visiting professor at the Psychological Sciences Research Institute (UCLouvain) in 2023 and she joined the research group from September to December 2023. During her visit, she presented her research on intergenerational transmission of trauma and she was involved in the preparation of a psychotherapy process study based on a single item process measure.

Felicitas Rost, PhD, is Lecturer in Psychology and Psychotherapy at the School of Psychology & Counselling, The Open University (UK), psychoanalytic psychotherapist, and general vice-president of the Society for Psychotherapy Research. She was visiting professor at the Psychological Sciences Research Institute (UCLouvain) in 2023 and joined the research group in November to collaborate on a case study research project (follow up from the Tavistock Adult Depression Study).

Esther Goffin obtained her Master in clinical psychology in 2022. She was involved in various research projects within the research group in August-September 2022. She now works as a clinical psychologist and holistic therapist in Tubize.

Nicolas Janssens obtained his Master in clinical psychology in 2022. He was involved in various research projects within the research group in August-September 2022. He now works as a clinical psychologist in the field of end-of-life care.

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